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Online Divorce Mediation

Why take a year or more out of your life and spend $10,000+ to obtain a Divorce, or resolve other Family Law Issues.  A Better Alternative Exists.

You can resolve your divorce, custody or other family issues:

  • Without using your savings or credit card to pay a huge retainer fee;

  • Without delays and waiting for attorneys' calendars and the court docket;

  • Without spending your children's college education on lawyers and experts;

  • Without finding the courthouse, going through security lines and waiting in court hallways for your case;

  • Without  the stress of confronting your spouse, the opposing attorney or a Judge;


With Virtual Mediation, your case is resolved on your schedule, paying a reasonable hourly rate as you go.


Creative solutions are devised specifically for your particular situation. There is no cookie cutter, one solution fits all resolution. No Judge is going to tell you how to run your life.


And, best of all, you don't have to leave your home or office and you don't have to talk to the opposing side to resolve your divorce or custody issues.  

Virtual Coaching


As your Virtual Coach, I will help you find clarity and direction in your life, whether it be:

  • How to talk to your attorney,

  • How to interact with the opposing party,

  • Preparing for court,

  • Help with Financial Decisions,

  • Making the best decisions for your children,

  • Understanding the divorce process,

  • Making sense of the unknown,

  • Planning for the future, and

  • Important clean up actions to take after a divorce,

I will help you “stay on course” and will show you how to avoid many of the common mistakes and pitfalls which can adversely impact your Family Law Action, your life and that of your children.  


The best news is that you can get this help at home in your pajamas! If you prefer face-to-face Meetings, we also do Arizona Coaching.


For over 30 years, as a Family Law Specialist, I litigated thousands of divorce and child custody cases.

Several years ago it became clear that the Court System was broken.  Because of the monetary cutbacks and the enormous caseload, the system broke down.  No longer did we have Judges who had years of experience.  Nor did they have the time, background, or knowledge to make well reasoned decisions in Divorce and Family Law Cases. 


In addition, Attorney's  fees were out of control, and attorneys', also overbooked, seemingly lost much of their "caring" attitude. Collaborative Law has its own issues.

I decided it was time to change my Family Law practice and find a way to help people break out of the broken court system and on to a healthy, affordable and more efficient method of resolving divorce and child custody cases. Click the Read More Button to discover how I accomplished this goal and brought Family Law into the 21st Century.

eDivorce Expert


Mediation Appointments

Virtual Mediation Sessions are $210.00 per hour for joint sessions and $185.00.00 per hour for individual sessions.


The conference  is 50 minutes long, leaving Dianne 10 minutes to document the issues discussed.


Appointments can be booked online or through email.  

If an appointment has to be cancelled, a full refund will be made, provided the cancellation is 24 hours in advance of the appointment.

Coaching Appointments

Virtual Coaching Sessions are $85.00 per half-hour.  Back to back sessions can be scheduled for a longer conference.

The actual session is 25 minutes, leaving Dianne 5 minutes to document the issues discussed.

Appointments can be booked online or through email.

If an appointment has to be cancelled, a full refund will be made, provided the cancellation is 24 hours in advance of the appointment.

Email Subscriptions

Participants often have questions or need advice between sessions. We provide a Monthly Email Subscription Service for direct access to Dianne between appointments.


The cost for the subscription service is  $45.00 for up to 5 emails a month or $85.00 for up to 10 emails a month.  The emails are  one topic discussions.  


Your credit card  will be automatically charged each month through the secure Pay Pal System. The subscription can be cancelled at any time when no longer needed.

Dianne's Free Consultation

 I offer a Free Consultation  to introduce you to me and my  systems of Mediation and Coaching.


Any questions you may have about the process itself or how to get started will be answered.


If you need help bringing the other side to Mediation, alternatives will be discussed and implemented.


This is an Introductory Meeting. The facts of your particular situation or action will not be discussed during the Consultation so that the process is not compromised.

Self-Help Divorce and Child Custody eBooks By Dianne R. Ophelia

NOTE:  All Books on This Website are in PDF Form.  If you prefer iBooks or Kindle Books Format, visit Apple iBooks or Amazon to purchase.

Father's Rights in Divorce
Mother's Rights in Divorce
Parenting Plan for Divorce
Divorce Property

      $9.99                                  $9.99                                    $9.99                                $9.99      

Divorce Survival Guide
Attorney's Fees in Divorce
Parental Alienation in Divorce
Save Documents in a Divorce

           $9.99                                    $6.99                                    $4.99                                    $6.99

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