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Judge and Gavel

Dianne Ophelia, Esq

Online Divorce and Custody Mediation
and, Virtual Coach

Online Divorce Mediation

            A Better Alternative Exists

You have the ability to resolve your divorce, custody or other family issues:

  • Without using your savings or credit card to pay a huge retainer fee;

  • Without delays and waiting for attorneys' calendars and the court docket;

  • Without spending your children's college education on lawyers and experts;​

  • Without  the stress of confronting your spouse, the opposing attorney or a Judge;


With Online Divorce Mediation, your case is resolved on your schedule, at times convenient for you, from home or the office, while paying a reasonable hourly rate.


Creative solutions are devised specifically for your particular situation. There is no cookie-cutter, one solution fits all resolution. Clients are happier with the results because they take an active part in formulating just the right solution to their issues.


You don't have to talk to the other side, or to lawyers or judges to resolve your divorce or custody issues.  Your Mediator is your guide and communicator.



For over 30 years, as a Family Law Specialist, I litigated and mediated, thousands of divorce and child custody cases. I know what is necessary and appropriate for a successful resolution of even the most contested cases.

I now limit my practice to online Divorce and Family Law Mediation and Coaching.  I have found this to be the most effective and cost-efficient manner of assisting people through the divorce process.

My Mediation process is different from the mainstream.  I conduct my mediation sessions separately with each spouse.


Parties are able to express themselves freely and can focus on real solutions.  We work through what is most important to each party and what compromises can be made without devastating results. The typical pressure and stress of working with the other side are alleviated with this process


Our resolutions are always more acceptable because the parties actively participate in the final outcome. 

eDivorce Expert

Virtual Coaching

As your Online Divorce Coach, I will help you find clarity and direction in your business or personal life, whether it be:
  • To identify, clarify and create a vision for what you want
  • To set goals and a plan to accomplish those goals within a specified time frame
  • Create a plan of action for your business or personal financial well-being
  • Foster accountability to increase productivity
  • Help with understanding the divorce process, how to create a successful resolution, how to interact with the other side, and clean up after the divorce.
I will help you “stay on course” and will show you how to avoid many of the common mistakes and pitfalls which can adversely impact your Family Law Action, your life, and that of your children.  

Coaching Appointments

Online Coaching Sessions are $125  per half-hour. Back-to-back sessions may be scheduled for a longer conference.  A Retainer Fee of $1,000 is payable upfront.  Any unused portion will be refunded.

Appointment requests may be made with the contact form, by text, or by email.

If an appointment must be canceled, a full refund will be made, provided the cancellation is received 24 hours in advance of the appointment.

Mediation Appointments

Online Divorce Mediation Sessions are $235 per hour.  Back-to-back sessions may be scheduled for a longer conference. A Retainer Fee of $3,500 is payable in advance.  Any unused portion is refunded.

Appointment requests may be made with the contact form,  by text, or by email.

If an appointment must be canceled, a full refund will be made, provided the cancellation is received 24 hours in advance of the appointment.

Dianne's Free Introductory Consultation

 I offer a Free 15-minute Consultation to introduce you to me and my systems of Mediation and Coaching.


Any questions you may have about the process itself or how to get started will be answered.


If you need help bringing the other side to Mediation, alternatives will be discussed and implemented.


This is an Introductory Meeting. The facts of your particular situation or action will not be discussed during the Consultation so that the process is not compromised.

Self-Help Divorce and Child Custody eBooks By Dianne R. Ophelia

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