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How to Get Started


We offer a 15-minute free introductory consultation to determine if Online Dissolution Mediation will work for you. The purpose of the consultation is to answer any general questions you have and to help you determine if mediation is right for you.  The consultation can be by zoom video or telephone.  None of the facts of your particular case or circumstances will be discussed during this meeting so that the process is not compromised.



Once you decide to proceed,  alternating appointments will be scheduled for you and the other party.    We will work with you to set the sessions on days and times convenient to your schedule.  Sessions are  60 minutes.    If you prefer a longer conference, back-to-back sessions can be scheduled.




Once your first mediation session is set, a retainer fee agreement will be emailed to you for signature online along with an invoice for the retainer fee of $3,500.    Payment can be made by credit card or ACH bank transfer through the secure QuickBooks system.   Payment of the retainer fee must be made at least 48 hours prior to your first mediation appointment.


As we commence the process, you will receive forms to complete outlining your assets, debts, income, and expenses.  Dianne will assist you with completing the forms during the mediation sessions.


Alternating sessions will be set with each party.  Dianne will address any emergency issues or those that each party feels need priority first and will continue to work through each aspect of your case until all issues are resolved.  You will receive memorandums along the way documenting what issues have been discussed, those that have been resolved, and those that will be addressed in the next session.  Once all issues are resolved, an MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) will be executed by each party and sent to local counsel for formalizing and processing.


Unless the parties have local counsel that they would like to work with, Dianne will contact several attorneys in your jurisdiction to give you an option to choose whom you would like to worth with to handle the filing of legal documents in your local courts.  Every jurisdiction has different rules and it is essential to employ local counsel for the preparation of necessary documents to commence the action and finalize the DIvorce/Dissolution.  Costs are minimized since the scope of employment is limited to the preparation of documents.  Parties will pay local counsel directly for his or her work.


Individual attorneys are not required during the process, however, Dianne encourages both parties to meet with an attorney of their choice to review the final documents after mediation is concluded.


 A retainer fee of $3,500 toward the mediator's fees and expenses is due at the time of signing the retainer agreement. An invoice will be emailed and payment may be made by credit card or ACH    Any unused retainer will be refunded.


Mediation sessions and other services are billed at $235.00 per hour.  Other services include activities such as setting up the file, review, and analysis of documents provided by the parties, communication with local attorneys to prepare divorce papers and finalize the divorce action, communication with appraisers or other experts as necessary, preparation of documents including memorandums and the MOU, emails and other communication with the parties,  and other miscellaneous services.  Fees are charged in 10-minute intervals.


Monthly statements will be emailed to each party showing all charges to date and the balance of the retainer fee available.  If a retainer is depleted, additional retainers will be required and are payable within 48 hours of billing.

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