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Online Coaching


As your Coach, I will help you find
clarity and direction in your endeavors.

Business and Life Style Coaching is not psychotherapy, nor is it an attorney-client relationship.  I am not here to judge you. 


My purpose is to help you to obtain your goals with the least amount of pain and stress and to help you achieve all of the success possible.

In a coaching relationship, I am your partner.  The entire focus is on you, on your choices, and on finding the best resolutions for every concern that you have throughout the process.

I will help you “stay on course” and help you avoid many of the common mistakes that adversely impact your life, your children, or your business.

Online Divorce Coaching

It is the "unknowns" that create most of the anxiety and stress in your life. Reducing those unknowns with mature, stable, knowledgeable advice can work miracles.

Businessman on Phone

I will help you to transcend your current situation, with as little stress as possible and with success in every aspect.  Together we will reinstate your sense of joy and passion for life.

I specialize in helping people through difficult personal or business transitions.  Your goals and coaching sessions can be short-term, specific to certain issues, or extended to that of a life style or business coach to get you through all of the trials and tribulations that life brings.


Personal issues such as a separation, divorce, concerns with children, working with a former spouse, dealing with a second marriage, or incorporating a new spouse or stepparent can be challenging and difficult. 

As your coach, I will listen to your concerns in a safe and confidential environment.  Together we will explore your concerns, your fears, and those areas that you want special guidance.

As your business coach, I will help you clarify the vision of your business and how it fits in with your personal goals.  Together, we will take your business from where it is now to where you wish it to be.   We will plan and prioritize what goals and strategies are required to get your business off of the ground or help it progress to the next level. 


I have years of experience in business both as a lawyer and in real estate and finance.  I have created several businesses from the ground up and have assisted others from the initial set up through each step of growth. We will create a road map to success.

If you are looking for help through the divorce process, I will be there for every phrase which you may encounter,  Just a small sampling of typical topics are:

  • you are contemplating separation from your spouse/partner and wondering how you should prepare should it happen;

  • wondering about how to tell the other side of your intentions and explain circumstances to your children;

  • how to find the right attorney and how to communicate with him or her;

  • what documentation you will need and how to save attorney's fees organizing it;

  • how to handle assets and debts during the process and after;

  • what is the best parenting plan during the proceeding and after;

  • discussing the advantages and disadvantages of various proposals of settlement;

  • if you are facing trial, everything you need to know about the court and how to best present yourself;

  • after the action is over, important actions you should take to protect yourself and your assets;

  • how to obtain closure; and start your new life.

 We can proceed as slow or as fast as you desire.  You are in control of how your coaching sessions unfold.  I will give you the guidance and direction you need to decide where you want to go with your sessions.


 There is no other relationship that will move you forward more swiftly toward peace and success than coaching.

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