Divorce  Coaching

As your Coach, I will help you find

clarity and direction in your endeavor.

 In our Online Coaching Sessions, you will receive information as well as the personal support which is essential to maintain your mental and physical health, wealth and happiness.


Some topics we will explore are:

The legal process that you may be facing, and how you can be proactive in protecting your rights and those of your children;


Financial issues which now call for creative solutions, including the best manner of handling payment or receipt of support and how to maximize your property settlement for your long term benefit;

Parenting issues which you may not have anticipated, including helping your children to adjust, how to deal with new relationships and creative parenting plans. 

Online Divorce Coaching

It is the "unknowns" that create most of the anxiety and stress in your life. Reducing those unknowns with mature, stable, knowledgeable advice can work miracles.

Divorce Coaching is not psychotherapy, nor is it an attorney-client relationship.  I am not here to judge you or your case.  My purpose is to help you to get through your ordeal with the least amount of pain and stress and to help you achieve all of the success possible both with your action and personally.

In a coaching relationship, I am your partner.  The entire focus is on you, on your choices and on finding the best resolutions for every concern that you have throughout the process.

I will help you “stay on course” and help you avoid many of the common mistakes made by unknowing parties which adversely impact their life, their children and their divorce action..

Working me as your coach, you will dramatically improve your chances of obtaining success in your divorce and custody action. I will  help you to reduce your attorney fees and litigation costs as well as the time it takes to complete your case

As your divorce coach, I will be there for every phrase which you may encounter,.  Just a small sampling of typical topics are:

  • you are contemplating separation from your spouse/partner and wondering how you should prepare should it happen;

  • wondering about how to tell the other side of your intentions and explain circumstances to your children;

  • how to find the right attorney and how to communicate with him or her;

  • what documentation you will need and how to save attorney's fees organizing it;

  • how to handle assets and debts during the process and after;

  • what is the best parenting plan during the proceeding and after;

  • discussing the advantages and disadvantages of various proposals of settlement;

  • if you are facing trial, everything you need to know about court and how to best present yourself;

  • after the action is over, important actions you should take to protect yourself and your assets;

  • how to obtain closure;and start your new life.

Your goals and coaching sessions can be short-term, specific to certain issues, or extended to that of a life coach to get your through all of the trials and tribulations that life brings.

I specialize in helping people through difficult transitions including separation, divorce, dealing with children impacted by divorce, finding a new partner, dealing with a second marriage and incorporating a new spouse and step parent for your children into your life.

I will help you transcend your current situation, with as little stress as possible and with success in every aspect.  Together we will reinstate your sense of joy and passion for life..

Divorce Coaching

As your online divorce coach, I will listen to your concerns in a safe and confidential environment.  Together we will explore your concerns, your fears and those areas that you want special guidance.

You can discuss any aspect of your life or your case.  We can proceed as slow or as fast as you desire.  You are in control of how your coaching sessions unfold.  I will give you the guidance and direction you need to decide where you want to go with your sessions.

As a divorce coach, I will bring 30+ years of experience and education to our coaching sessions.  Areas of expertise. There is no other relationship that will move  you forward more swiftly toward peace and success than coaching.


How to Get Started:


You can schedule a 15 minute free consultation to determine if online divorce coaching will work for you.  The purpose is to get to know me and answer any general questions you have about online divorce, custody and family issue coaching.  The consultation can be by video or telephone. None of the facts of your particular situation or action will be discussed during this meeting.


Once you decide to proceed, you can schedule your coaching appointments online through this website or if you prefer, you can send us an email requesting an appointment.  Conferences are 25 minutes long leaving 5 minutes for Dianne to document the issues discussed.  Back to back sessions can be scheduled for longer conferences.


The cost for a coaching session is $85.00.


Payment for the consultation can be made when booking the appointment online.  If you book your appointment through email, an invoice will be emailed to you.  Payment can be made via credit card or ACH bank transfer and is to be made at a minimum of  24 hours in advance of each scheduled session. You will receive a full refund if you cancel 24 hours prior to any scheduled consultation.


If you wish to have direct email contact with Dianne in between Coaching Sessions, you can sign up for a monthly Subscription of $45.00 for up to 5 emails a month or $85.00 for up to 10 emails a month. The emails are to be one topic discussions.  You will be automatically charged each month.  You can cancel the Subscription at any time by emailing us at and requesting cancellation.  Email subscriptions can be booked through this site.


There is no commitment on your part.  You can stop Coaching whenever you desire.  No retainer fee is required.  We are strictly pay as you go, because we have total confidence in the process and that you will find Coaching to be an invaluable asset.


Dianne will only coach one party to an action.  Whichever party books his or her coaching session first will have priority.

Call or Text:  480-823-1640

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