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How to Divide Property

in your Divorce

Divorce:  How to Divide Your Property

Divorce Settlements


So many Costly Mistakes Made....

Mistakes which could Easily be Avoided

With Just a Little Knowledge on Your Part.


I have seen, during my 30 years of experience, clients losing thousands of dollars in their divorce action, because

    •    they forgot to tell their attorney something, or

    •    they just didn't know what was important for their attorney to know, or

    •    their divorce attorney forgot an important detail of their case, or

    •    worse yet, the attorney was just not prepared.

You will be surprised at how much you did not know and that your attorney didn't have the time to tell you about.



FIRST, there are basic questions:

    •    What is Community Property?

    •    What is Separate Property?

    •    When is each type of Property valued, at date of separation or the end of the divorce case?

    •    How is each type of Property valued, by experts or other methods?

    •    What are the various ways to divide different types of property?

SECOND, there is the commingling of  separate property:

    •    What if I changed Title to my House that I owned before Marriage into Joint Names?

    •    What if I used Separate Property Money for the Down Payment or improvements on Joint Property?

    •    What if I used Joint Money to pay the Mortgage on my Spouse's Separate Property House?

    •    What if I Mixed  my Separate Property with our Joint Property?

    •    Do I have to pay one-half of My Spouse's Student Loans?

THIRD, what about debt:

    •    If I pay the mortgage on the home after date of separation, do I get credit in the divorce?

    •    If I pay credit card bills, will I get credit?

    •    Does payment of spousal or child support impact credit for paying bills?

    •    What if I stay in the house and my spouse pays the mortgage - what is double dipping?

    •    Which debts are not divided equally in a divorce?

FOURTH, there are complicated Assets to deal with in most divorces:

    •    Annual Leave

    •    Employment Benefits

    •    Stock Options

    •    Pension Plans

    •    Disability Payments

    •    Insurance

    •    Social Security

 FIFTH, there are complex issues:

    •    Identify and Find Special Reimbursements that will make you money;

    •    Identify and Find Assets and Property that no one thought about valuing and dividing

    •    Avoid the #1 mistake of taking "pretax assets" instead of "post -tax assets;"

    •    Discover what may be hidden assets;

    •    Avoid agreeing to pay more Debt than you should;

    •    Remembering Assets earned before the date of separation but paid afterwards.

It is impossible for an attorney to give each divorce client all of the information and preparation that client needs, particularly when he or she needs it.

This book discusses community property concepts, however much of the information is applicable in most jurisdictions. Be certain to confer with an attorney in your area to determine if any of the information varies in your jurisdiction.

I have spent over 30 years in the Litigation Trenches, and I Know what Information You Must Have to Guarantee Success in your Divorce Action.  This eBook will give you everything that you need.

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