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Divorce: Trust in Yourself

We receive plenty of advice during a child custody or divorce action. Everyone has an opinion about how we should act, what we should do, how to respond to the opposing side and so on. Too often we lose ourselves in the divorce process.

We forget to listen to our inner voice, our own guiding light.

When in doubt, sit quietly for a few minutes and let your inner voice (not your ego) tell you what is the right course of action in your divorce or child custody action.

This is particularly true for parents. If you will allow your inner voice to guide you, you will make the right decisions for your children. You know your children better than anyone.

You also know the good and bad traits of the other Parent probably better than anyone else. Personalize your custody arrangement and parenting plan to capitalize on the strengths of each parent.

If you can push the anger and resentment aside, and focus on the true needs and wants of your children, you will know what to tell your Attorney, Custody Evaluator or the Judge about the type of custodial plan that would truly serve the best interests of your children, not the plan that your ego would prefer.

Remember, you don’t have to, nor should you use the pre-printed forms of the court. Devise a creative plan that works around your children’s activities and lifestyles as well as your lifestyle and that of the Other Parent.

Think outside the box to find the absolute best Custody Plan for your Family. I have developed a Parenting Plan over my 30+ years of practice that I feel addresses just about any issue a parent may face. If you are interested in checking out my "Ultimate Parenting Plan," click here.

Mediation is a great method to help Parents search out their children’s best interests and to put their need to “win” aside. This can be accomplished without the parents necessarily having to talk to each other or be in the same room for most of the process.

Children are always affected by divorce and custody battles, however if you can resolve your differences in a less stressful atmosphere, such as mediation, your children will survive healthier and happier, as will you.

I hope that you will consider Mediation as a way of resolving your differences with your Children and any Custody or Divorce issues. If you would like to learn more about my Mediation Style, Click here.

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