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Dress For Success in your Divorce

Divorce Mediation

We have all become pretty informal with our style of dress. This article doesn't apply to those who wear suits everyday (Men or Women). But for everyone else, you may want to pay attention.

If you think the divorce court system has kept up with today's fashions, you are sadly mistaken. Think early 1950's.

Did you know that in some jurisdictions female judges still can't wear sandals or any type of open toed shoes? Yep, that is how bad it is. Not that many years ago women who wore pant suits to court were frowned upon.

So here is the down and dirty. You can actually lose your divorce or child custody case before you begin if you show up in court in "less than appropriate attire." Yes the Family Law Judge has to follow the law, but there is always plenty of leeway for personal opinion.

Your credibility is key in any court action. If you don't dress the part, you are facing an uphill battle trying to convince the Judge that you are truthful and honest.

If you are looking at a custody battle, dress is even more important. That Judge or custody evaluator is going to base their opinion upon which parent is more qualified to meet the best interests of the child. Don't think that your appearance doesn't play a very important, if not even the ultimate factor in the Judge's opinion.

Not only is the type of style you choose important in general, it can actually work to your benefit. You are an "actor" whenever you step into divorce court or a custody evaluator's office. Think about what you want to accomplish with your first impression.

For instance:

Are you seeking spousal support? Dress in your best to show why you need that monthly sum you are requesting.

Will you be paying child support? Don't wear that $1,000.00 Armani suit to court.

Are you seeking custody? Don't wear flip flops and shorts.

I think you get the point. Dress the part for that which are your seeking.

Here are some simple rules that apply in every case:

1. Hide those tattoos;

2. Keep the make-up and jewelry simple (men or women)

3. Look like you just stepped out of the shower;

4. Wear something you would wear accompanying your Mother to church;

5. No to flip flops, shorts, T-shirts, short dresses

6. Yes to suits (men or women). Notice that the lawyers are all wearing them. Think there is a reason why?

Divorce of Family Law Court is not the place to let your ego take precedence. Take a deep breath and dress like a nerd. You can change as soon as you get home with the satisfaction that you did everything possible to guarantee your success.

If you would like more information about how to guarantee success in your divorce or child custody action, I am here to help with books, Coaching and Mediation Services. By the way, if you choose to mediate your divorce case you can wear anything you want, even your shorts while resolving your case in the comfort of your home.

For more information about Divorce Mediation and its Benefits, click here.

Good Luck with your action. I wish you the best.

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