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Remember, This Too Shall Pass When Facing Divorce

We have all heard "Change is the only Constant in Life, " When faced with a Divorce or Custody action, however, this thought is difficult to accept. We don't want change when it is forced upon us.

Now is the time to embrace change because clearly your life is going to change. Your time with the children will be different, friends will change, even where you live may change.

These events can be looked upon as new and exciting, and a growth experience or you can choose to hate every minute. You have the power to decide whether this will be a bright, shining happy memory or a dark, dreadful memory in your life. We are on this earth for just an "instant." How do you want your "instant" to play out?

One Hint: The sooner that you can get your Divorce and Custody Legal Entanglements over, the easier it will be to face the new changes and challenges in your life. You may want to consider Mediation as the preferred method to resolve your case in a fast, affordable manner.

Family law is very personal. Each Case and each Family is entitled to have someone give them the tools to develop a Custody, Support and Division of Property plan that is unique to their situation and works for them. Statewide guidelines, Judges and laws can't do this.

Families also need help and direction regarding how to handle custody and financial issues after the Divorce and Custody Action. Under our current system, once the case is over, no one is there to help pick up the pieces and give direction in the new situation.

Virtual Mediation makes the process easier and less expensive. With online divorce mediation, you can choose your experts from anywhere in the country, video sessions are generally held individually unless joint sessions are requested. No more facing your spouse across a conference table, each with your own “Bought and Paid For” lawyer at outrageous hourly fees.

Online Mediation provides flexibility. Sessions can be held at convenient days and times from the comfort of your home or office. And, because the costs of an Online Mediator are substantially less, those savings can be passed on to you.

For answers to your Divorce, Custody and Community Property questions, and more about Virtual Mediation, visit me at: www.edivorceexpert.

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