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Long Distance Divorce - Online Divorce Mediation

Divorces are expensive and difficult enough when both parties work and live in the same City.

Special challenges arise when:

Parties have separated and now live a distance apart;
One of the parties is out of the state or country much of the time as a result of job demands;
One of the parties is in the military.

Often cases are delayed for months and sometimes for over a year because a party cannot be present for negotiations or court appearances. Responses to questions and offers can take weeks, if not months. Delays cost money.

Thanks to today's technology, we have a terrific way to solve this issue.

Not only does it take care of the distance issue, it is also much less expensive than a litigated divorce and the parties don't leave the process as enemies.

More and more people are turning to Divorce Mediation to resolve all of their divorce and custody issues, leaving expensive lawyers and court litigation behind, whether they live in the same city or thousands of miles apart.

Divorce Mediation is different from traditional mediation practices.

I have found through my years of divorce mediation experience, that more often than not, it is preferable to have separate mediation sessions with each party as opposed to joint sessions.

It is a rare case that parties going through the divorce process can sit in the same room together and openly and honestly discuss their needs, wants and goals, much less a fair resolution to their issues.

A great divorce mediator can act as the go between, speaking with one party, then the other and back and forth, as opposed to both parties at the same time.

This procedure takes much of the anger and emotion out of the case since the parties are not having direct contact and provides for a fast, seamless manner of resolving a divorce.

Also, under this method, the parties can speak freely to the Mediator about their goals and needs and the Divorce Mediator can meld their concerns into a settlement acceptable to both parties.

Now, we take it one step further.

Mediation can be conducted by telephone, video or audio conferencing tools such as Zoom or Skype. There is no reason for a party to travel to a Mediator's office.

The convenience of this method of resolving divorce issues is mind boggling.

You can resolve your divorce case no matter where you are - Japan, England or Next Door. You can mediate at your convenience, including evenings and weekends. The mediation process may be completed as fast or as slow as you desire. Meetings may be scheduled every few days, every few weeks or every few months, depending upon your preference.

In most jurisdictions, if the parties obtain an agreement regarding all of their divorce issues, they don't have to step foot in a courtroom. Once the agreement is reached, a written document is signed by all parties and filed with the court.

Divorce Mediation is flexible, efficient, cost effective and Today's Solution to Resolving Your Divorce Case.

I encourage you to find out more about Divorce Mediation and the Process, whether you are just thinking about separating or in the middle of a messy divorce.

Visit me at: to schedule a Free Consultation.

Dianne R. Ophelia is a Certified Family Law Specialist and is known as "THE 30 YEAR DIVORCE EXPERT"


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