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Quote of the Day - Fools Can be Right

“The greatest lesson in life is to know that even fools are right sometimes.”

— Winston Churchill

We all have a habit of thinking we are always right and the other side is wrong, particularly in a divorce situation. Divorce Mediation can open your eyes to understand why each party believes their position is the “right” position, and how one can work around these positions to find an acceptable resolution to both parties.

An experienced mediator is an expert accustomed to working with each “right” side to find compromises that work, without confronting whether a person’s position is “Right” or “Wrong”.

Divorce Mediation is a great method of resolving all issues in your divorce action. The sooner that you address them, the easier and more comfortable they are to resolve. Once an issue has time to fester, finding a good solution acceptable to both parties will be much more difficult.

Divorce Mediation will save you time, money and most important, will take the stress away from you and your children by facing issues head-on when first discovered. I strongly urge you to investigate divorce mediation whether you are in the middle of a contested divorce or just thinking about separation. Contact me at for a free consultation to see if divorce mediation is right for you.


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