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The First "Must Do" After Your Divorce

Today I am going to talk about some of the most important steps you need to take in your divorce action and they're actually after the divorce is over. There are five "must do's" to protect yourself, which I will be covering during the next few days.

The first one is - take care of your kids. With today's custody orders, it is essential that key providers in your children's lives know what is going on and how to handle certain situations.

For example, what if your child is hurt at school? Do the school authorities know who to call? Or, what if no one is there when it is time for your child to be picked up from daycare? Do the daycare people know who to call? The list goes on and on. There are sports activities, dance classes, swim lessons, basically all activities in your child's life.

It is up to each of you as parents to be certain that everyone in your child's life knows how to handle any situation, whether it be an emergency or just a progress report. If you fail to take these positive steps, you may be the "out parent. " You won't know anything about what is going on in your child's life except what happens in your own home. Don't be the out parent. Both parents need to be active and involved for a healthy child regardless of the terms of the custody orders in your divorce.

Finally, if issues arise regarding your custody order or caring for your children post divorce, consider divorce mediation. Mediation is a great method of resolving issues and the sooner that you address them, the easier and more comfortable they are to resolve. Once a child related issue has time to fester, finding a good solution acceptable to both parties will be much more difficult.

Divorce Mediation will save you time, money and most important, will take the stress away from you and your children by facing issues head-on when first discovered. Keep a divorce mediator handy for any post divorce issues which may arise.


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