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I am fortunate to have satisfied clients who willingly have shared their thoughts about me and my services, whether it was litigation, mediation or coaching.

Here is a small sample of the appreciation I have received throughout the years which, I hope will give you a better idea of who I am.  


The internet is an impersonal beginning point and personal comments can be most beneficial to give insight into one’s personality and being;

Grateful For The Information

“I am grateful for the information you have given me.  With it I have been able to consciously pursue my personal freedom, emotional safety and protect what was important to me.    Thank you for your graceful respect throughout this process. May God continue to bless you.”  Valerie

Stabilized My Life


“Dianne you are a special person, with compassion and empathy that few in any walks of life possess.  You have helped to center and stabilize my life with sound counsel.”    Steve

Little Boy a Chance


“Lucas and I thank you.  You gave a little boy a chance to know and love his Daddy.  Thank you.”   Lester & Lucas

I Loved The Book


“I wanted to sincerely thank you for your expertise.  I really appreciate your taking the time to listen to my story.  I feel so much better knowing I’m in competent and caring hands.  You are an incredible woman.  I loved the book you wrote.  I now have a much better understanding of my situation.  Thank you for everything.”    Karen

Restored my Self Worth


“Since you helped me through that horrendeous divorce, which with your help I am so ever grateful, your encouragement sent me back to school to finish what I always wanted to do.  I finished a Master’s Degree as well.  You helped me restore my self worth and gave me courage to get “on track.”  Sharon

Well Taken Care Of


“Thank you for showing concern and making myself feel important and well taken care of.”  Anthony

Exceptional Expertise


“I can’t thank you enough for your kindness and obviously exceptional expertise.  I definitely tell people you are the top divorce attorney and I truly believe this.  Thanks again.”   Marilyn

Caring and Understanding


“You have proven to me that there are caring and understanding attorneys out there and I’m really glad I found one.  You are a true credit to your profession.  Thank you again, Dianne, for all that you did.”   Charlene

What You Did For Me


“I often think of you and what you did for me and shall never forget you.  Those were very disturbing times for all of us and I am so very glad they are behind us.  The girls and I all think very fondly of you and have much appreciation for your having to deal with a very difficult person on our behalf.  Thank you again, Dianne, for everything.”   Dianto

You Pay For What You Get


“The phrase “you pay for what you get” has never been so dramatically exhibited for me as in the job you have performed for me.  I don’t know what the results would have been if I hadn’t been guided in your direction.  I know our side presented their contentions with ethics and a concern for the truth.  You truly are the Perry Mason of Family Law.  It has been an honor to be your client.  It was so important for me to be the responsible parent.  That required the best attorney.”  Earl.

Professional and Personal Care


“Thank you for your professional care as well as your personal.  There is a downside to this case being over and that is, we will miss you!  Forever Grateful.”   Bill and Roxanne

Care and Competence


“We genuinely appreciate the effective work and professionalism.  It’s a pleasure to discuss various legal issues with you and know that our concerns have been handled with care and competence.”  Suzanne, Patty and Heidi

Scared and Frantic


“I just wanted to thank you for all you did to assist me in my divorce.  You were so very professional and classy.  I never doubted your ability to secure me the best “deal” possible with my ex husband.  I look back now on the process and remember at times being so scared and frantic.  Every time I would call, you would always clam me down and talk me through everything.  I truly believe you had my best interests at heart and have already referred you to a colleague.  Again sincere thanks for all you did.”   Jennifer

Best $......I ever spent


“Thank you for all of your help.  You made a truly upsetting time for me easier to deal with.  We have a long way to go but the lines of communication are open.  It was the best $….. I ever spent.”   Barbara

Well Taken Care Of


“Thank you for showing concern and making me feel important and well taken care of.”  Anthony

Wonderful Books


“You are a special person.  Thanks for the wonderful books.”   Denise

Thank you for your support


“Thank you for your expertise (you are so good!) and your support.  I so appreciate all you have done for me and feel fortunate that I found you to help me in this long and difficult process.”   Gloria

Knowledge, Kindness and Compassion


“I met with you this past July.  Although I won’t be needing your services, I wanted you to know that I appreciated your knowledge, kindness and compassion during the most difficult time in my life.  I have no doubt you know your craft, but I will remember your warm smile while maintaining a very professional disposition; the specific balance I admire in successful working women. ”  Erin.

Grace and Love


"Thank you for everything you did for both Bob and me.  You have beauty, honor, grace and love.  No wonder you are so successful.”   Karen

Sometimes Even Fun


"You make an otherwise unpleasant experience very “bearable.” (and sometimes even fun.)”  Leslie

Believing in Me


“Thank you so much for everything you have done to help me.  I also want to thank you for believing in me, when I didn’t.” Karen.

Time and Patience


“I appreciate your time and your patience.  Thank you for all of your help.”   Michael

Personal Hero


“Thank you for everything!  We greatly appreciate every effort you made to win our case.  You, Dianne, are my personal hero.  You’re awesome.”   Leah and Lawrence

We are Grateful


“We will always be grateful, you are a very special person and we wanted you to know we appreciate everything you did for us.”   Dick and Grace

And Then There Are Those Great One Liners

“Thank you for being so good at what you do. ”  Lynn

“Thank you for your excellent work.”   Bill

“Your efforts will never be forgotten.”   Margaret

“No Way can I thank you enough for what you have done for me!”   Billy


“Thank you for being the wonderful attorney that you are.”  Charlene

“You are a good person, a lady and I truly admire your skills.  You are the Best.”   Steve.

“I wanted to thank you for going to bat for me once again.”  Bill

“Thank you eleven thousand times.”   Susan

“Thank you for your kindness to me during a difficult time.”   Clara

“I appreciate your time and your patience.  Thank you for all of your help.”   Michael

Professionalism and Determination


“The professionalism, combined with determination, and decor exemplified by you is a real credit to the legal field. ”  Karen.

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