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The Ultimate

Parenting Plan

The Ultimate Custody Parenting Plan

Whether you and the other parent are getting along,

or whether your relationship has deteriorated into a battle,

having a detailed Parenting Plan is essential

to protect your custodial rights and the rights of your children.


One of the most important aspects of this Parenting Plan how it addresses the responsibilities of each parent in every aspect of your child’s life.

Detail is important in these areas.  Most custodial arrangements only provide general "applicable to everyone" provisions.

Some examples of the unique provisions that  you will find in my Parenting Plan are:


1.  Whose school calendar controls the holiday schedule;

2.  Transportation Issues;

3.  Exchange of the Children Issues;

4.  Cancellation and rescheduling;

5.  Travel locally and abroad, and passports;

6.  Communication between parents an between parent and child;

7.  Access and sharing of records and information about the children;

8.   Notice and ability to participate in activities;

9.  Children's participation in extracurricular activities,  lessons and sports;

10. Education Issues, Religious Issues and Surnames;

11.  Child care issues;

12. Alcohol, substance abuse and other abuse issues;

13  Government records;

14.  Relocation; and

15.  Conflict resolution

I have spent many years preparing and perfecting what I consider the “Ultimate Parenting Plan.”

This Custody Plan is easy to use and covers all possible contingencies that any parent would want to have addressed in his or her Parenting Plan.  


This Custody Plan gives you options every step of the way. The Ultimate Parenting Plan covers the spectrum of Physical Custody arrangements, from sole custody with supervised or unsupervised visitation, to all types of shared custodial arrangements,  all the way through a 50/50 joint custody sharing plan.

Every aspect of Legal Custody is discussed with options to choose from along with the physical custody, day to day provisions.  A special section is included for infants and an increasing arrangement with age.

All school breaks and secular and non-secular holidays are addressed, giving you a variety of options with each.

The Best Custody Parenting Plan

A detailed parenting plan is essential for the emotional well being of your children.

Parents and children need something concrete to rely upon with a good parenting plan.  Lives become calm and predictable.

The right plan deals with every possible contingency so there is no room for disagreements or arguments.

And, the best plan provides that the parents can modify its terms, outlining when and how this can be accomplished.

Do not finalize your Child Custody action without this essential Parenting Plan at your disposal.



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