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About Dianne:

For over 30 years Dianne Ophelia, as a Family Law Specialist, litigated divorce and child custody cases in every court, including the United States Supreme Court.

 Dianne knows what it takes for a successful outcome to any Divorce or Child Custody case.

In addition to her Ongoing Continuing Education and Certification in the Mediation Process, and her extensive background in Family Law, Dianne has a Degree in Business Finance, is a Licensed Real Estate Broker in California and in Arizona, is a Mortgage Broker, and holds a Lifetime Teaching Credential.


Dianne is a Highly Experienced, Culturally Sensitive Mediator, Coach, Teacher and Author.  

Dianne Ophelia, edivorceexpert


Dianne Ophelia graduated Summa Cum Laude with a B. A. Degree in Business and Finance.  

She thereafter earned a Doctor of Jurisprudence degree (J.D.) and after a short stint working for another firm, she opened her own family law practice and continued to expand the practice until she had six paralegals working under her and hundreds of clients. She became a Board Certified Family Law Specialist on the earliest date available, five years after commencing practice, and continued with the Certification for over 30 years until she focused her practice solely on Virtual Mediation and Coaching.

Dianne is admitted to the U.S. District Court, Eastern District of California, and United States Supreme Court.  Dianne had two cases during her career submitted to the United States Supreme Court, resulting in creating new legal precedents for her clients.  She also litigated cases against some of the best lawyers in the nation, including celebrity lawyer, Marvin Mitchelson.  Dianne has acted as Judge Pro Temp for the Superior Court throughout her career.

Dianne Ophelia is an experienced Negotiator, Litigator, Mediator. and Author.  She has taught College courses in Family Law, holding a Lifetime Teaching Credential. 

Dianne is also is a Licensed Real Estate Broker in California and in Arizona, is a Certified Mortgage Broker and a Certified Short Sale and Foreclosure Specialist.

In addition to her law-related work, Dianne loves to design websites and focuses on healthy living, physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Books By Dianne:

Dianne knows how essential it is for clients to be informed about the divorce and custody process to guarantee a successful resolution to their action.


For this reason, she has written a series of ebooks to give anyone going through a divorce or custody action the help they need to guarantee success. 

Dianne’s books are not your ordinary divorce and custody books.   Dianne’s writing style and illustrations make the book fun to read as well as informative.   These are books you will actually read, not just buy and put down and forgotten about in 10 minutes.  


Books published to date are:

    •    Divorce, A Survival Guide, 2nd Edition

    •    Divorce:  How to Divide Your Property

    •    Divorce:  Best Strategies to Reduce Your Attorney’s Fees

    •    Divorce:  Save Those Documents

    •    Custody:  Father’s Winning Custody

    •    Custody:  Mother’s Rights:  The Path to Success

    •    Custody:  The Ultimate Parenting Plan

    •    Custody:  How to Recognize and Stop Parental Alienation

The Books are available on Amazon and Apple iBooks



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